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    Reject the local authority pay offer for a better pay rise
    February 9, 2018 - Friday

    Vote NO! Reject the local authority pay offer for a better pay rise Council and school workers have lost a staggering 21 per cent of their take home pay since 2010. It means thousands of families are struggling to make ends meet, turning to food banks to put food on the table. The local authorities …

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    Unite to recommend local government members reject pay offer
    January 15, 2018 - Monday

    Unite, the UK’s largest union, is to hold a consultative ballot of its members in local government covered by the “green book” with a recommendation that they reject the current pay offer. Members of Unite’s, National Industrial Sector Committee for local authorities, yesterday (Thursday 11 January) voted unanimously to reject the pay offer and to …

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    Fat Cat Thursday
    January 4, 2018 - Thursday

    Fat cat Thursday’ shows that the excesses of Britain’s boardrooms are alive and well despite Theresa May’s tough talk to crack down on ‘corporate greed’ Britain’s largest union, Unite warned today (Thursday 4 January). According to research by the High Pay Centre and Chartered Institute for Personnel Development, today is ‘Fat cat Thursday’ where the …

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    LGA Labour leader ‘unreservedly welcomes’ cap-busting pay offer
    December 10, 2017 - Sunday

    LGA Labour leader ‘unreservedly welcomes’ cap-busting pay offer, as Labour leaders unite to demand Chancellor funds it Cllr Nick Forbes, Labour’s leader in local government, has ‘unreservedly welcomed’ today’s pay offer to council staff, in which they will receive a 2% pay increase in each of the next two years. But more than ninety Labour …

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    Unions table ‘pay justice’ claim for local government craftworkers
    December 10, 2017 - Sunday

    Trade unions Unite and GMB have tabled a pay claim on behalf of local government craftworkers, which is seeking a downpayment on ‘pay justice’ for members. The workers who are covered by the terms and conditions of the Joint Negotiating Committee for Local Authority and Craft Associated Employees (Red Book agreement) primarily undertake housing and …

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