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Union Learner Award 2012


Several years ago Simon was a very shy frustrated angry young man with a temper. He had very little self   belief or self confidence.  Ever since he was a child Simon feared learning, he felt stupid in front of others and embarrassed. He struggled to do simple tasks and found coping strategies to hide his dyslexia. He would often hide away from situations which involved paperwork.

We were running several courses at our learning centre, but with all the will in the world could not get Simon to sign up. Several months later he was finally persuaded to come along and reluctantly signed up for “Skills for life numeracy and literacy courses”.

At first he found this hard going which brought back his past school experiences, he would lark around and act as the class clown and would not take it seriously. Everyone hoped that if he gave himself the chance he could do it.  At time’s he felt like giving it all up, but with a lot of encouragement we managed to persuade Simon to stay. Even more he is still attending to this day.

Simon has worked hard and can see the benefits of education; he has overcome these frustrations and is no longer embarrassed. He is the first to admit he had difficulties and is not afraid to admit to others. He keeps battling on and wants to achieve. He has just received entry level 3 literacy and is now ready for the next level on the ladder.

Simon hopes to inspire others who face the same or similar barriers to learning as he did and to show that tackling these issues can lead to a better life. Simons new found

confidence and self esteem has enabled him be get a promotion to the level of charge hand, he has also become the union working place and health/safety representative. He is well respected by work colleagues and is keen and eager to improve in everything he does.

Simon is an inspiration to all and this is why I nominated him for Union Learner Award 2012.


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